I provide the following services to youth, adults, parents, and families:


Individual Psychotherapy

for youth and adults experiencing mental health symptoms*, difficult life situations (e.g. loss, divorce), or wanting to get to know themselves more deeply.

Emotion-Focused Family Therapy

for parents of children with mental health difficulties. Learn to support your child's mental health despite your child's age, diagnosis, or level of motivation. 

Ayahuasca Preparation and Integration

for those who want to get the most out of their ayahuasca ceremonies and integrate their teachings into daily life. 

psychospiritual healing

a deeply transformative combination of energy medicine, guided visualization, psychotherapy, and elemental healing. 


*Eating disorders, depression, anxiety, mood fluctuations, premenstrual syndrome, emotionally difficult menstruation, postpartum depression, anxiety or trauma (affecting mom or dad), childhood trauma, acute trauma and PTSD, substance addictions (alcohol, drugs, caffeine, etc.), and process addictions (shopping, sex, social media, etc.).

All sessions are $140 Canadian per 50 minute session. 

Working Together

Together we will explore your emotional patterns and how these play out in your day-to-day life. With a heightened awareness of yourself, you can reconcile your past, live in the present, and enjoy a future of authenticity and fulfilled purpose. 

I believe that a holistic approach is the only way to truly heal. You’re more than a physical body, an emotional reaction, and a racing mind - you’re an embodied spirit with a purpose. That is your essence.